Plus one

The second gathering of the After School Club for Copywriters saw Quinns and I joined by Anne. Anne works as a producer for film production company Lonelyleap, and she recently produced the films for the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011. It was super-interesting to hear about different facets of their creative process.

There’s something there about core processes and identity. Lonelyleap’s films share a lot in terms of technique and style, and it’s clear that they have a scalable creative process that adapts to different budgets and briefs without compromising that core aesthetic.

That’s super-important while thinking in terms of beefing up my copywriting ‘tools’, that sense of scale. I want to ensure that I’ve got tools and techniques that present scalable solutions that can be customised, rather than just working on the fly from situation to situation.

(Which is something I find myself doing naturally, but as with all of these lessons it’s not something I’ve ever framed formally or as a lesson/learned behaviour.)

Lesson Six: Your tools and techniques should be scalable and adaptable.

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