Always be talking

This week Quinns, Anne and myself were joined by music critic Chal; four’s a neat number, and I imagine we’ll stay about that size for a little while now. It was a good moment to recap where we’re at and what we’re up to, and why we’re doing this in the first place.

We’re four young writers, all of us doing a blend of copy production, product marketing and product management. We’ve had no formal training in what we do, and we’ve come at it sideways from other disciplines. We are hoping, with these meetings, to share a little bit of what we’re up to, to swap lessons, learning and ideas. To ask for advice from people finding their feet too – an important qualifier for all of this.

I skipped a lesson a few weeks ago – something Molly mentioned – because I thought I’d find a better time to surface it. Now seems to be it.

Lesson Seven: Talk about what you’re up to.*

On the surface of it, Lesson Seven is similar to Lesson One, but that was more about broadcasting your work; finding ways of framing your process and thoughts for other people to digest. Talk and discussion is as important as the connections you make by being interested.

It’s an especially pertinent lesson for me, because I’m a terrible collaborator. I’m much better directed at briefs and feedback than actually hammering work out in parallel with others. I’m lucky to have found ways around that so far, but it’s going to be sorely tested by a couple of projects quite soon. I need to get better at the discussion/feedback/let’s-all-work-together stuff.

By contrast Quinns and Anne were both super-enthused this week by their recent opportunities for successful collaboration. It’s forced on Anne by the nature of film production and the medium itself. By contrast it’s something that Quinns actively seeks out. I am learning from their enthusiasm that it’s something I need to work on.

* Actually, Lesson Seven totes got revised. Take a look at it here.

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