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A few years back Julia, Sarah and I rocked up in Leeds with a few photocopied fanzines and low sales expectations to hang out with some friends at Thought Bubble Comic Festival. A convention in its second year, we’d heard great things about it and wanted to debut our first collection of comics at it.

By the end of the weekend we walked away with friends-for-life, a sell-out ‘zine and massive grins on our faces.

Thought Bubble has consistently been one of the finest shows I’ve had the pleasure of attending, and it’s gotten bigger each year without losing any of its charm. Back in May, Lisa and Clark mentioned a few of their plans for this year’s show and I was a little bit awed by it all.

That programme has been announced today, and as part of this year’s lineup I’ve been invited to be their Writer In Residence, alongside Artist In Residence Kristyna Baczynski. We’ll be creating a short story for next year’s Thought Bubble Anthology, as well as writing blogs about our progress, drafting new projects and chatting to anyone who fancies a natter about comics.

I’m a fan of the festival, I adore Kristyna’s work and I love comics, so it’s a massive honour to be able to combine all of that for a week. I can’t wait.

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