Music face

On Friday, I’ll be in Utrecht at Design By Fire talking about data, storytelling and awesome photos of Jupiter in The data will improve rockets*. I’m on early, 9.30 in fact, so I’ll be able to soak up the other talks as the day rolls on.

I’ll also be projecting my ‘listening to music’ face on a screen much taller than myself (see below) and taking the sonic on another outing. It should be a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to yomping about a new city for a few hours.

(If you’re in Utrecht, or know it well, then do tweet any cafe recommendations to me – @mattsheret)

A few days later, back in fair old London town, I’ll be talking about NASA as Storyteller at sameAs Space. Much shorter piece this so hopefully I won’t have time to inflict the image above on the assembled crowd.

If you’re in London then come along; sameAs Space is free, just head along to The Driver near King’s Cross on Monday (17th October).

* This is actually a very different talk to the one I gave at SkillSwap Brighton with the same name. It is, however, a great name.

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