Pocket Scale now online

Pocket Scale, my talk for dConstruct 2011, is now online. If you find yourself with half an hour spare you can spend it watching me wield a sonic screwdriver onstage in Brighton.

The other talks are a treat too (in particular I’d urge you to check out Kars Alfrink and Dan Hon if you’ve got time).

A massive Thank You again to all at Clearleft for having me.

Image nicked from Lanyrd‘s blog. Sorry/Thanks Nat!

2 thoughts on “Pocket Scale now online

  1. That, sir, was very interesting. In an age where we define ourselves more and more digitally, even getting to the point where we are throwing away our once beloved CD and DVD collections, I think it’s important that the items we keep must be both useful and highly personal.

    If I lived in London I’d put my Oyster chip in my legless He-man toy keyring. A very crude version of hacking, it’s legs fell off so I clipped my keys through it’s plastic pelvis.

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