Brash Young Fools

I’m a player in a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign run by Kieron Gillen (current writer of Uncanny X-men). This is a fact that would have delighted my 14 year-old self and mortally embarrassed my 19 year-old self.

In September I shot two time-lapse films of myself, Kieron, Dan ‘Gril’ Griliopoulis and Quintin Smith playing the game which I’d intended to use as the backdrop to my talk ‘Kieron Gillen, Supervillain’ at Playful 2011. But as the talk took shape it became clear I’d need a few things on top of the time-lapse films, so huge chunks of it hit the cutting room floor.

Just so the effort didn’t go entirely to waste I’ve sped the film up to a lean 8 minutes and uploaded it to the interwebs. Check it out below, or at Vimeo.