Pride and joy

Across its seven issues Paper Science has comfortably and consistently produced some great works, introduced me to some wonderful artists, shown me some old favourites… As a showcase, it’s been a success, and its format has been a continual joy for me. I do so love these newspaper comics, and trust we’ll see the format continue to be used long after Paper Science finishes.

Very kind words from Richard over on the Forbidden Planet blog as Paper Science 7 hits the stands.

They also carried a string of contributor interviews this week, as Marc Ellerby, Philippa Rice, David O’Connell and Josceline Fenton all took time to chat about what made their pieces tick.

The King of Things joined in too. His description of how we met might well be my single favourite thing about 2012 so far. A tip of the hat to his creator biographer Adam Cadwell for bringing him to life.