The Miniatur Wunderland was terrific, filled with all kinds of amazing sights as well as dozens and dozens of ‘easter eggs’, like these climbers.

These are tiny moments in a vast and complex world. Each tiny joke is built to be overlooked by most people, but treasured by the few that spot them.

Which made it all the more impressive to notice that every little diversion like this had been fully realised: the path along the mountainside these climbers were taking had tiny ropes and ladders further along, completing their journey through the landscape.

Every one I spotted had been similarly thought through. Where two lovers lay in a field of long grass a small path had been trampled to it. Where Superman was coming to save the day a child further up the street stood gawping. Where skinny-dippers dove into the water their clothes lay crumpled by the water’s edge.

It’s an impressive commitment to maintaining some ‘fourth wall’, even when the easter eggs themselves are designed to reach through that wall and pull your camera arm to them.