Look at that word, sitting beside that other word

Anne accidentally came up with a new way of testing copy. I’m going to call it the Lee-Morgan Method.

When you do something – anything – with words it’s often a good idea to speak them aloud to see if the sentence scans. But there’s a problem with that; if you’re familiar with the words, or comfortable with the rhythm of your writing, you can probably make it sound okay even if it isn’t.

Instead, try reading your work aloud as if you’re Stewart Lee doing an impression of Morgan Freeman.

(If you need to, you can listen to Stewart Lee doing an impression of Morgan Freeman on YouTube. If you aren’t wearing headphones, it’s not at all safe for work.)

(The actual logic here is that the Lee-Morgan Method slows my voice down quite some way. Picking any accent that snaps your usual cadence has pretty much the same effect; might I suggest the Bremner-Brown Method)