TCAF was terrific. Chris and the rest of the crew throw an excellent shindig, making the trip over to Canada absolutely worth it. Definitely one to return to next year.

Of particular note was the Commonwealth Comics panel I appeared on with Pat Grant, Sarah Howell, Annie Koyama and Leon Avelino, chaired superbly by John Retallick. Great fun and very informative, one thing left ringing in my head related to the differences between British and Aussie comics culture.

Sarah mentioned that they don’t have many retail-based opportunities, so lots of their get-togethers are driven by skill-swaps, talks, and workshops. In the UK it often feels like the only time we chat is after a show, where the first question is “How did you do?”. Some kind of ‘Comics Camp” might be a neat way of snapping out of that… it’s an idea I’d like to poke at for a while at any rate.

I didn’t get any photos of TCAF – too busy selling comics – so you’ll have to make do with the very Canadian newspaper above and the wall of my hotel room below.