Bokeh NASA Spacemusic

A while back Jonty set up a shared Spotify playlist to listen to while watching the feed from the ISS. I’ve had it on today while the SpaceX docking takes place, and it’s brilliant. As Jonty just said in IRC “Sometimes this aligns so perfectly I’d swear NASA and spotify were collaborating.”

I just got exactly that thump of sound and vision watching a few minutes of mission control while Johan Johansson’s “The Cause of Labour Is The Hope Of The World” played in the background, and it was beautiful.

Screengrab from the livestream

Related; there’s a cinematographic language – and an associated mode of storytelling – being denied to current technology, and the building of that technology, and that is starting to unsettle me.

Bokeh photography (a.k.a. every film on Vimeo) is reserved, by and large, for artisanal production, for romanticising industries and techniques now thought of as quaint or in decline. And that feels squiffy. There’s a kind of visual longing and love in that style that I’d like to see applied to emerging technologies and practices, one that enables short and lively stories so that people, well, so that people feel happy to hit ‘like’.

Basically, I’m bored of promotional films for high-end coffee shops being retweeted into my stream. I want more things like this by BERG, or this by VOY, or this by Lonelyleap.

Talking it out with Anne has helped get a sense of the kind of thing we’d both like to see, so now we’ve got to find time to start doing it. We might not get Johan Johansson to score them, but if it gets even a tiny bit closer to that Spotify/NASA combo then it’s a win.

* I’m acutely aware that there’s a bunch of stuff I’m missing, so please do fling them @mattsheret when you find them.