Captions and matchsticks

I spent the morning at the Koestler Arts Centre today, poring over entries into this year’s Koestler Awards. The awards offer offenders, secure patients and detainees a creative outlet, in disciplines as diverse as poetry, watercolours and sculpture. And sequential narrative*, of course, which is why I was there.

Generally the work I saw was by newcomers to the medium, which made the range of entries all the more impressive. With 16 entries, the category makes up a tiny fraction of the 8000 artworks submitted to the awards this year, but the mix of techniques and formats formed a neat microcosm itself.

(I also got to see about twenty entries into the matchstick sculpture category, and that was just about the most impressive collection of art I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning.)

Obviously I can’t say much about this one – prizewinners won’t be announced for a little while – but the exhibition opens in September and it’ll be well-worth checking out. See their website to find out more, and thanks to everyone at the centre for having me.


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