Sporting metaphor alert

I used the phrase ‘creative midfielding’ to describe some of the stuff I was up to the other day. It was a quick way of saying “I know you don’t expect to see this camera in my hands, but I’m filling a gap because I can”.

I’ve no idea where I heard that phrase – I have to assume I didn’t invent it, although Google is useless to me in terms of possible citations – and I wish I hadn’t used it. Firstly because I’ve just been asked what position I’m in today, and without context that’s a strange thing for anyone to overhear. But secondly because it rubs up against what I said the other day about specialists mattering.

I suppose something like ‘proof of concept’ is better. “I’m using a camera to see if we should get someone in who can really use a camera”. Do the thing, then worry about getting it perfect if it seems to work.

I’ve been in environments where it’s applied to work and development, and now I’m straying into a world where it’s applied creatively too. It’s the thing I loved about Thorsten’s ‘Physic or Surgery’ beta comic (Minimum Viable Comics? Is that a thing?), and now I’m learning to do that too.