Jonty, tiny colossus

Any cynicism I had about the ‘lympics was totally blown away on Saturday, when I watched Jonty carrying the torch through Hackney.

It was an absolutely amazing 300 meters. I watched a friend briefly become a local hero, heard a choir of trolls sing a Rick Astley number, ran awkwardly with unfit nerds, and wore a strange and ugly mask of our temporary celebrity.

Laffs aside though, there was definitely an emoitional surge to be felt when Jonty, waiting for the flame to arrive, was approached by a little girl who asked if she could touch the torch.

She broke the spell, the barrier/force-field that has dogged London 2012, and in a moment Jonty found himself surrounded by people who wanted a moment with the torch and the runner. He was like a tiny colossus, and it was wonderful.