What shall we do next?

Russell wrote about the opening ceremony. You should read it. This is the bit that sticks in my head though.

“And, watching the telly and following twitter I thought I recognised something else happening – I thought I saw a generation realising that it was now Top at Culture. 30/40 somethings were suddenly seeing the stuff they liked, that they grew up with, was now the dominant cultural stuff. Their favourite things are now ‘officially’ mainstream, dominant culture. It’s not alternative. It’s it.

It made me think of Things Can Only Get Bitter and its hypothesis that a generation turned away from politics and decided, instead, to get good at culture.”


Of course, I’m 26. I was too young to watch Trainspotting in the cinema. My generation have about twenty years before we “win”. We’ll have the help of Generation Zero/Millennials, who by then will be doing a tonne of creative heavy-lifting, and any elder statesmen who care to tip a hat in our direction.

We’re watching the death-spasms of broadcast monoculture, staggering levels of interconnectedness, and the fracturing of time. As ever, none of the amazing things that are about to happen will ever feel like change.

So Anne, Mark, Matt, Luke, Philippa, Dan, Harry, Timothy, and everyone else, we have twenty years before all eyes are on us. What shall we do with them?