I reckon that cut-n-paste is going to come back in a big way. Four main reasons:

1) The ratio of zine-makers to audience is too high. Everyone buying ‘zines makes them. The numbers are rising. It’s going to bleed out into the commercial market again.

2) It’s still a go-to metaphor for how pocket of the internet like Tumblr work. And as the generation currently swimming about on Tumblr starts going to art school this month, physicalising their process is probably going to involve scissors, glue and scanners.

3) Tumblrs and Jams and new kinds of markup are helping people make the web ugly again. These ugly things are going to bleed into boutiques, then totebags, then adverts, then commutes, then bookshelves.

4) Because it’s time. It’s sort of what happens next after the austerity/Scandowegian fisherman thing, the faded photo thing and the girls of classic sci-fi thing.