British Comic Awards nominations

Today the nominees for the first British Comic Awards were announced, and they’re an absolutely phenomenal collection of awesome comics made right here in Blighty.

Thing is though, these nominations aren’t really for the likes of me and my friends. They’re probably for you.

Yes, you. I know you really enjoyed reading Watchmen, and yes – it’s great that you know Ghost World was a comic once (Really? Well, it was) – but do you own any of the books in those pictures above?

My friends and I, see, we own them all. We all get really excited when these creators do new stuff. But we’re awful at telling people we don’t know about them. So go out and buy Don Quixote, or Goliath, or Hilda and the Midnight Giant, or Nelson, or Science Tales, or The Accidental Salad, or Bad Machinery, or Girl & Boy, or Hemlock, or Tuk Tuk (although I can’t find a link to that in an online shop, so you can borrow my copy).

Scribble them down, or go to Amazon, or do whatever you need to do to find these stories and then read them. They’re a terrific collection of comics, and you should spend money on them.