Snapping out of formats

I drifted by way of Pitchfork for the first time in ages this morning – no idea why. An interstitial greeted me, pointing me by way of their ‘cover feature’ by a friend of mine, Laura Snapes, so I had a look.

The format was brilliant. A Sunday supplement length interview (that it seems they’ve run a few of to date) that bursts outside of the site’s standard format. It features a playlist and dozens of shots that change dynamically as you scroll through the piece, and it uses a few neat tricks to make the transition between each section a bit more compelling, a bit more webby.

Screengrabs are actually an awful way of showing off the experience, so I’d recommend having a poke around the interview yourself

I really liked it. It helped that it was a neat interview – nice work Laura – and that Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan is a compelling interviewee, but mostly I just really liked how much Pitchfork were willing to give up of themselves to give the interview room to breathe.

Of course, Pitchfork do editorial, so it’s not a massive stretch for them, but it’s unusual for a site to surrender themselves to content like this. I’d be stunned to hear of, say, CBR following suit, or even The Guardian. I’d be intrigued to know how it does for Pitchfork – traffic-wise – but it’s nice work regardless.