Version control

Working on this hasn’t half made me regret not making this.

A magazine, released over a year, in which the content is edited over time by the contributors, overwriting the old versions.

I think I’m talking myself into it again, even as I type (always an interesting thing, thinking into a text box).

My initial concept was something fairly floppy and large format – plenty of very short pieces by people, probably using something like Magcloud. Now, I’m not so sure. Making the After School Club for Copywriters was a real pleasure, design aside, and I’d love to poke around at that scale again. Longer articles by a few people, revised and iterated and reissued over the year. Thicker though, but still something you can stick in a coat pocket.

Using print on demand would be a necessity. I don’t really want to have to deal with stock for a long while (probably the most pressing lesson from Paper Science to be honest). That means much less time spent on making a beautiful print object, which is a shame but you can’t have everything.

(Unless there’s some bespoke POD service out there offering awesome paper stock. Anyone know people doing that?)

The unresolved element would be ‘How would it live online?’ I’d like it to, but using tools like Google docs to throw this kind of project feels a lot simpler than using Github, weirdly. I don’t know how many columnists I could convince to use Markdown. But maybe that’s part of the pitch? Of course, there’s always wordpress.

Dunno. Clearly an idea that won’t go away, anyway.