Week 36

A choppy week, but the ones around Christmas and New Year usually are.


Lots of process thinking this week, which has gone hand-in-hand with a spring clean/back up of my work machine. Sloggy, but useful. That should be wrapped up by next weekend, provided I don’t break it in the process. I’ve also been commissioned to do some ‘reckons’, which will be about two days work over the next couple of weeks.


A few days of work. Again, lots of process stuff. Tidying up some work on an Alpha that wrapped up in December before it goes into beta this month. I’m back on the blog for the time being too, so I spent a bit of time chasing up draft copy from people.


Submitted the first draft of the sign-up journey to the client and waiting on feedback before cracking on with that next week.

Anything else…

New Year was good fun, as was New Year’s Day at chez-Bridle. I caught Fuerzabruta on Saturday, which was terrific fun. I left damp, covered in glitter, and grinning, which is all you can ask of a night out.

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