Week 37

CHOO-CHOO! Riding a steam train on the London Underground wasn’t the only thing I did last week, but it was the best.


Heavy into planning for one of the projects that spun off from last year’s Government Digital Strategy. I also spent a chunk of the week reading every department’s digital strategy, ahead of Sprint 13 next week. Those strategies make for really interesting reading; some very different commitments in each along with some wonderful turns of phrase – MOD has “long enjoyed Digital pre-eminence in the battle space” was a favourite.


All the New Year backing up I mentioned last week is finished. My Mac is better, faster, stronger and all the rest, the main upshot being I now have fewer excuses for not making things. The process also uncovered a few old projects, which I’m going to badger people about this week.


I’ve been occasionally helping Anne with a film project about the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers, and as part of that I spent about eight hours watching short documentaries as part of the London Short Film Festival. Really rewarding, and a huge variety of work on show. Definitely sharpened our focus about how to approach interview subjects, and what kind of things I could spend more time learning (sound/field recording being the one that appeals the most).


Whenever I can I’ve been dipping into James Fisher‘s wonderful book about that remote little rock. I also played through Dear Esther again, which I find a stunning game. There’s a lot of atmosphere I’d love to capture in the Rockall comic. The first proper ‘kick-off’ of the project starts on Friday.