Nearly quotes

You should talk to Matt Locke – James Bridle

Chats about Sandsmark – the codename for a personal project – have been pretty varied, but I’ve written little down. After following James’ advice and chatting to Matt I’ve decided to write down some of the bits that have stuck with me.

These aren’t direct quotes, but nearly are. I’ll add bits to this as I remember more/have more chats.

I’m getting less and less interested in having a [souvenir] from work I’ve done. – Matt Giraudeau

I’m not sure audio on its own is interesting. – Laurie Penny

People think they’ve worked out sharing. But they haven’t. We can see how many people watch something, but not really how those ideas are shared and how they spread – Matt Locke

It’s an interesting problem – and I’d love to see a solution – but you’re not there yet. – Matt Locke

Find five ways of sharing it and see what happens. – Matt Locke

I’ve just come back from this chat with Matt. I walked in with a product in my head, but left with a bunch of questions about the problem I want to solve. I’m almost completely convinced that the product I described is not the answer to those questions, so there’s little ‘point’ to it, but now I have some questions to help me find out what the answer might be.

Oh, and if I’ve just ‘quoted’ you and you’re not happy with it, let me know.