Week 39

Last week had an odd rhythm. Lots of early starts, lots of late evenings, but some of the patterns I’ve been trying to establish helped counteract that. Which is good.


Following SPRINT 13 I spent a couple of days preparing for the DbD Standard workshop on Thursday. A good workshop, getting feedback to incorporate into the next version of the project. That meant putting off a couple of research spikes, which’ll be covered over the next few days.


I caught up with Matt Locke, who asked a few questions that made me rethink the whole of Sandsmark. I’ve since ordered a few things to do a bit of prototyping, and need to spend this week planning more research. February’s clearly going to be the month of finding things out.

Design of Understanding

I spent Friday helping to record the audio of interviews at the Design of Understanding conference. I’m doing enough of that now, for SMEE an the like, that a sound recording course feels like a necessity. I’m good at it, but I wouldn’t mind being better. It’d also be helpful for Sandsmark.


Rockall’s start got delayed by events, and I haven’t given much time to chase Kent either, so I’ll be chasing those this week. In the meantime I’m trying to make time to write more articles for people (about comics, reckons and the rest), with a few lined up throughout February. I often work out what I actually think about something by writing about it.