Week 40

The diary doesn’t lie – last week was a quiet week, work-wise.


More blogging, this week, with Nettie in the comms team sadly off sick for a couple of days.

I’ve been helping wrestle these video week notes into shape, and I think they’re getting stronger. It’s a nice break in the flow of publishing, and they’re a neat way of summing up the highlights of the team’s working week.

The problem, as ever, is accessibility. There are still pockets of people within the civil service who cannot view these films on work machines. Transcriptions, published with each video, go some of the way towards fixing that, but they detract from the content proper for more viewers than they help. Also, transcripts are a bugger to read. Editing them so they scan well gums up the whole process, probably unnecessarily. I’ll be poking at a few more suggestions over the next few weeks.


Finally had the kick-off with Tom yesterday, watching The Sea to the Land Beyond and chatting about what kind of stories we want to tell. Tom interrogated my intentions really well, and helped to move the thing a bit closer to being a story. Next up, collating more cohesive references on the tumblr and writing little bits of prose.

Anything else…

Little bits of preparation for Sandsmark. Had a brilliant time at the RA’s Mariko Mori exhibition, an interesting time at the Sunday Assembly, and a fascinating time at the Hampstead Observatory – I saw the curling clouds of the stellar nurseries, and watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser gate.