Week 41

My Grandad’s funeral was last Thursday. I gave the eulogy. It was a sad day, as you can imagine, but (clichéd as it sounds) we did all reflect on the positive things about his life and our experiences with him. It was enormously cathartic.

Anyway, the world didn’t stop, and nor did work…


A short week. Time in the office was spent plotting revisions to guidance we’re drafting, and enlisting a bit of help for a dedicated day of wordsmithing tomorrow. Also planned some upcoming videos, which continues into Week 42.


Following a chat with Tom last week I wrote two short sketches for Rockall. Along with more concentrated visual references and a bunch of other short segments they’re going to shape our sense of the story. Tom’s comment (that this is ‘a third album’) continues to ring true; we’re not at the demo stage, and these are the first stabs at some jamming.


Learning smile on this one. A month after submitting the first round of copy I’ve had to wrap up the project. Too long a delay on feedback and too full a workload means that taking it any further at this stage would be a mistake for myself and for the client. Still, a tough decision, and not one taken lightly.

Anything else…

I should probably Google this, but there are two things I keep noticing in London right now. One is a colour story told in handbags involving a combination of a deep blue and leather, and the other is foxes (as logos/icons/etc).