Week 43

I’d forgotten how important a change of environment can be to powering through work. Two days in the last week I’ve worked from home, and gained about a day back on my to-do list. It introduces other complications (communication across team, slightly more time spent getting up to speed the next day) but it feels like a worthwhile trade-off from this direction.


Freshest in my mind, as it looks like I’ve wrapped up most of the work I need to do on this project. Last week I went through the interviews with Anne to pick out highlights for a print edition. Really nice to get a different perspective on the speakers, and it should be a lovely accompaniment to the films.

I might have a bit more work once the drafts come back from the designer, but for the most part I’m done. The films are now being graded, the sound is being mixed, and Anne’s putting the finishing touches on the edits. It’s been fun playing a part in her creative process.


Lots of copy triage, reviewing guidance on how to build services for new teams across different departments. I’ve got a skirmish list (a pre-release checklist of triage and tweaks) that’s behaving more like a game of whack-a-mole than a to-do list. Work on that will dominate the start of Week 44.

Anything else…

A very small bit of work for Lonelyleap, and a day out in London Town for The Story.

Also worth drawing your attention to two things I can’t visit. Secure, The Koestler trust’s exhibition of artwork from prisons, secure hospitals and by people on probation opens in Wales in a couple of weeks. Playng a small part in judging this year’s awards was hugely eye-opening, humbling and rewarding, and if you’re in the area it’s worth taking a look. Meanwhile, Zainab Akhtar is working to establish a Comic Collection as part of Leeds City College Library – keep an eye on that as I’m sure it’ll blossom as the year rolls on.

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