Week 46

With a tiny exception for a bit of consultancy, last week was all about…


…specifically, preparing the Digital by Default Service Standard and Government Service Design Manual for release.

Government Service Design Manual homepage

Andrew’s blog post explains more about them. For my part, I’ve been editing mountains of guidance and working on several iterations of the navigation and introduction since New Year. It’s been a big challenge, helping to get the lessons learned from dozens of staff members out of their heads and into a markdown document, but it’s been very satisfying. The reaction has been fabulous: lots of praise, lots of constructive feedback, lots of debate among people interested in the nitty gritty of it.

For the team involved, there’s a lot of work to get it updated, polished and refined in time for the formal release in April. I’ll be swooping in at the end to help out with that, but first I’m taking a couple of weeks break.