Keep Up The Good Work


I went to a terrific gig last night – an absolutely captivating set by Julianna Barwick. I only found out about her because Warren plugged the teaser for her new album a little while back (Anne and I got the chance to thank him for that last night). The only reason I found out about that is RSS.

Shout out to the RSS massive

I love the little flurry of love the format’s gotten in the last few weeks, but the affection I have for it has nothing to do with its capability or its openness. It’s because it regularly brings me the very best stuff.

Holed up with Google Reader Feedly I feel like my own little Mr Universe, picking at the signals emitted by your blogs and tumblrs and suchlike. I spend money on the things you talk about, meet people because of your odd little ideas, think harder about what I do because of the stuff you say. What I don’t do enough is say thanks.

Thanks. Please keep publishing the things you publish. It’s brilliant.