It’s wetter by bike

I’ve still got a little bit of The Fear when it comes to cycling. I had an accident on my Brompton a few months after I got it that basically put me off bikes. It’s a tiny tank – it came out of it fine. I picked up a cast for a little while and a gristly click in my elbow when it gets cold.

Thing is, cycling to work is the second easiest form of exercise. It’s much nicer than the tube at 8am, and only slightly slower. The last twelve months have been a slow reminder that my body can’t thrive on earnest nervous energy forever. I lead a relatively sedentary existence most days in the week, and this is the absolute least I can do to break out of those habits.

Since joining GDS I’ve become a bit of a fair weather cyclist. Any condition even slightly sub-optimal – weather, my mood, the clothes I have to hand – can put me off doing it. Today the forecast promised rain.

I’ve just come back from pootling home on my bike in a pissing heavy shower. I’m damp, a bit sullen, and I’m desperate for a Twix. But I do feel better. Hurrah! Well done, tiny bike.

Matt's Brompton