The social

Three things. The Caught by the River social last night was tremendous fun. Some great readings and talks, followed by a beautiful snippet from Michael Smith and Maxy Bianco’s films series Another England. Well worth spending some time with.

Something that struck me – something Tim Dee put into words, actually – was the value of the talks and readings coming from people who were a little bit more experienced. A little bit older. The thoughts were a bit more worn in, the perspectives a bit more mature. They’d spent serious time thinking about and doing the things they were there to talk about. I liked that. I think there’s still a huge value in the raw reckons of inexperience, but I enjoyed the fact that this wasn’t that.

Secondly, I’ve started using linkydink, a service that compiles submitted links from a group of people into a daily digest. It’s really nice, a kind of collaborative Roo’s Letter. Greg‘s running a list called The Best of People, and it’s swiftly becoming my default repository for Things That Have Made Me Think. Greg’s tastes are sufficiently different to my own that I’m getting a kick out of seeing his contributions.

Finally, I’ve started hanging out at Orchard on Tuesday mornings. You should come.

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