People tried stuff out…

…and they were ace. I had a lovely evening last night, watching five very brave people show unfinished talks and films in a pub. Thanks to Giles, Reema, Anne, Louise and Ste for doing that – you were brilliant.

The audience were brilliant too. About twenty-five people came by, which felt like the right number. It meant some good chats got going at the close of the night without putting too much pressure to the people talking. The Queens Head is the perfect venue for that kind of informal affair too; thanks to all there.

Giles showing some slides

So, what did I learn?

Five might be too many people. It didn’t leave quite enough room for chat and feedback, and I’d like to make more space for that. Entirely my fault, that, and if I try it again I think I’m going to aim for three instead.

Eventbrite was an odd thing to use for this. It gave me a good sense of attendee numbers, and a means of telling people that I’d mucked up the timing, but it also made it feel a layer more professional than it ought to have done.

Technical hiccups didn’t matter. I worried a bit too much about them before we kicked off, and I needn’t have.

GOODNESS people are lovely. Generous with time and feedback, more than forgiving of mistakes and faffing, happy. That was nice, especially on a frosty January night.

I’d like more help next time. Maybe for programming – the variety was ace, and I’d like it to stay that way – but definitely for the audience. Anne did a brilliant job of getting some people in who brought a different energy to the room, and I think there’s room for more of that. It results in a better range of feedback, and that’s really what the night is all about.

Anyway, I’m going to mull on it a bit and maybe have another crack in March.