Motivational poster art of 2074

The Eckersley exhibition reminded me of the last time I saw a bunch of COI posters up close – at The National Archives.

The Royal Opera House is the first place I worked that consciously produced material for archival. Some small but significant percentage of everything was kept; preserved and stored in the knowledge that it might be raided by future generations for inspiration and understanding.

GDS is the second. It’s fascinating to be producing that archive in the mode of broadcast. Blog posts, videos, commits… it’s an open, living archive.

(In practise transparency proves to be a really easy form of communicating, largely because it needs to be true. Brilliant line I saw last night re-watching The West Wing; “I told him that, if asked about it tonight, he should – if only because it’s the easiest thing to remember – tell the truth.”)

If anything, we’ve super-served the archive. There are things we could be using those platforms to do now which would help us recruit and teach, but we’ve been using them to document instead. Kim‘s working hard to redress that balance.

In 2014 though, and we’re publishing that knowing there’s a potential for it to be remixed, reinterpreted and reimagined. Not even a hint of that in the WWII-era govt. communications, and yet we’re swamped with that now. Somewhere in our blog posts might be the novelty-mug slogan of tomorrow.