Other people’s hobbies

Bartlett and Whitney

Yesterday I watched two brilliant people do two brilliant things. Alice appeared on ITV, showing off her nail art and bantering with Alan Titchmarsh.

Making Marks

And Marie performed with her band Making Marks at Birthdays in Dalston. All the way from Oslo!

I was thinking afterwards about the spare time I have, and how I’ve either used it to shop (for a flat last year, but Lego most of the rest of the time) or to make things that are sort of part of my professional life (I’m thinking of Paper Science and working with Anne on her films in particular).

I keep sort of hamfistedly making my hobbies part of my worklife, and it usually has an impact on my interest and investment in them (usually positive in the short-term, but negative in the long – comics being, right now, the canonical example of that).

No conclusions, just thinking.