My favourite song

The plan is to try and write this without reading the entries I wrote four years ago. But I forgot how I’d formatted the titles and looked up the first entry of my thirty days of music from 2010.

It’s very *me*. I can also see a lot of Kieron in it, especially the voice he used while blogging about music at that time. I can also read the Matt who hasn’t started doing public speaking yet. It’s just words for effect. I like how words slosh around sometimes.

I obviously thought then – as I do now – that the music video would do most of the work. Of course, four years on, that video has been taken down and there’s just a dead link at the top of the page.

My favourite song then was ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, but only a handful of other people would recognise the facts from what I’d written and guess that track.

My favourite song now is ‘Ceremony’, but it flips between that and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ depending where my head’s at. Right now, if I were to concentrate on the lyrics to the latter, I’d probably cry.

‘Ceremony’ then. Early New Order, up to Movement, is a wonderful and rare thing; the sound of a band morphing from one thing into another. For most bands that happens between albums or on tour, if ever at all, but to trap the sound of that and pin it to a slab of vinyl is an awesome thing.

‘Ceremony’ is startling. The bass starts out way higher than you feel it should and the lead guitar thrashes about all over the place, before everything gets reigned in. You then get treated to Sumner’s impression of Ian Curtis’ vocal. He only seems to assert himself between verses.

The regeneration hasn’t finished. They’re all still hurting from the loss of Curtis and finding out what they’re going to be next. It’s a privilege to get to listen to that for a few minutes.