A song that reminds me of a certain event

Going through a huge Talking Heads phase right now. A few reasons for that;

  1. They’re much more fun than my default recovery music (Joy Division)
  2. I’ve just rediscovered a cache of their records that I was given after helping catalogue the records of a friend of my Dad’s after he died – Stop Making Sense in particular is a fabulous slab of vinyl
  3. Matt actually sat me down and screened Stop Making Sense at me last week, and it’s tremendous
  4. Oh man, David Byrne

But every time I listen to “Once In A Lifetime” I remember the brilliant Thought Bubble party of – I think – 2008. Kieron and I springing around the dancefloor yelling along to the track and then in the middle ranting about how good the song is (and how powerfully bleak the track’s message is).

Gillen asked Sean Azzopardi to illustrate a version of that same rant in a backup comic the following year. It’s a lovely tribute to that scene and that time of our lives.

Footnote: Re-read my entry from the last time I did this, and I’m dead chuffed that I still don’t really know what I want to do.