A song from your favourite band

Joy Division are far and away the most important band I ever got into. A gateway to loads of art and ideas, as important a thing in my cultural canon as Phonogram.

It was sort of an expectation, among the people I started going to indie discos with, that’d you’d know this lot. Them, Blur, Ziggy-era Bowie, The Smiths, Pixies, anything Lydon did and chunks of The Clash. And from there you were free to go and find out which branch *really* caught your interest, mush it up with whatever EP had come out that week. It was that phase of tmusic on the internet where history collapsed, but new music still broke via traditional media.

Anyway, I basically nabbed Joy Division and Gorillaz-mode Albarn and my CD collection sprung out from there. So shirts (office-wear), dancing awkwardly, earnestness, gloom… all that. Plus performance. Wearing your pretensions. “Transmission” does all that really well.

(And yeah, I should have typed this yesterday, but I was on the way to Birmingham to see the Bill Drummond show and then I watched Eurovision)