A song that no one would expect me to love

“Yo this is strictly a club record…” In what club on earth was this ever played?

So it starts off a so-so Wyclef Jean track from the aftermath of him flipping off The Fugees but a good decade ahead of his failed bid for the Presidency of Haiti. And then they get Dwayne Johnson to yell over it a few times and it transforms into something magical.

You’ve got that ska beat under the whole thing that worms its way into your ankles, that Melky Sedeck breakdown (silky at first with rolling howl by the end), and The mutha-flippin’ Rock grumbling like the world’s sulkiest doorman. It’s absurd. It’s also, obviously, one of the greatest songs ever recorded.


P.S. The track’s made even better by Matt Ogle’s mishearing of the bridge; “If you ain’t Sheret, people ain’t carrot”