A song from my childhood

I’ve done this one already, four years ago. But it still works. The other tracks that stick in my mind are from slightly later, maybe a year or two after the Thunderbirds re-runs struck, and I associate them with the separateness of my parents. Their differences.

Thunderbirds though is all me. Colour, explosions, huge machines, serving the public, INFRASTRUCTURE, space, island getaways, always wearing shirts. Slice me up and you find Thunderbird 2 wrapped up in Joy Division photographs with a hand-pressed assembly manual set in Gill (footnotes by Terry Pratchett).

Of course, Thunderbirds is genuinely hard to watch now. The episodes are too long, the drama so thinly distributed over the course of the hour that you have to be doing something else at the same time. There are probably excellent cuts to be made that drop the running time to twenty minutes and lose nothing.

OR a colossal supercut of all the machines just doing ambient machine things.

But not both at the same time. That’s what the show does. And it doesn’t work now.

Thing is, the theme represents the best and worst of that. As a standalone piece of music it pounds away, instantly recognisable and an exquisite backdrop for all manner of tight cuts and drama. But as a title sequence it’s crazy-long, loops too much, and spreads the bombast out over damn near three minutes.

I gave zero shits about that as a kid though, and loved every second of it.