My favourite song at this time last year

No Bad Days!

During one of last year’s many trips to Norway, Jørn took us aside and showed us Whateverest. It’s a brilliant film based around the inspiration for the track ‘Inspector Norse’ by Jørn’s friend Todd Terje.

I got so into ‘Inspector Norse’ after that. It’s got all the lilt and bounce of songs I used to hear as a kid in the car on holidays on the Isle of Wight, plus all the hands in the air delight of being at an indie/pop night a few years back.

It sounds good, and a bit like a classic, but it doesn’t sound nostalgic.

Todd Terje’s album’s just come out, so I don’t imagine I’ll think of the track as something from 2013. I’ll think of this song as something from now; post May 2014/another thirty days of music. The kind of thing I could probably listen to with Mark and Frances and Russell and Alice and James and Greg and Erica and Paul and anyone else who started writing these blog posts this time around.

I’ve had a really good month. Life is pretty great. Summer is here. No Bad Days!