Massively networked Blue Ant

On one level, subsuming “advertising” into “solving our clients’ business problems” is all fine and well – but agencies would do well to remember that often, their clients are asking them to solve their business problems *in the context of advertising*. And even though it may well be ill-defined these days with less of a clear-cut line and more of a gradient, more often than not, “solving a client’s business problem” in the advertising context means solving a communication problem *as well as* getting the attention of someone in the first place.

That’s a lot of problems to be solved.

This struck me from the latest edition of Dan Hon’s newsletter. No extra thoughts, just a placeholder for now. A placeholder prompted in part by just having finished Zero History again.

I like Dan’s newsletter. I don’t read all of it – no-one alive could – but dipping in and out it’s super interesting to watch themes and thinking slosh about. I like how he thinks about advertising. I like how he looks at our work at GDS (even if it’s not always on target). And I like how it all collides with pop culture in such a fluid way.