Cracks in the soundtrack

I went to see a play last night. It was fine. The music bugged the hell out of me though. Set in the 1980s, the selection of songs was too genre-specific, too on-the-nose; a compilation album about what the era might have been about. A similar thing happened during This House a couple of years back – it just didn’t feel real. I’ve got a vague memory that Phil wrote something about this kind of thing, but I can’t find the right search string.

Anyway, during the interval I realised that one of the songs played pre-show had been wrong. It was a cover version of Buzzcock’s “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” by Ash and Chris Martin from Coldplay. And I think, once that clicked, I struggled to clamber back into the play. This little moment of carelessness which got me battling with the fourth wall.

(Oddly I’d actually been humming that very song when I woke up yesterday morning from a dream about Shaun of The Dead)

Another thing in favour of The Drowned Man then, which collapsed time so totally that it comfortably cherry-picked from 100 years of recorded music and never broke kayfabe.