Rescued moments

“Some of these images are so familiar to me, so much a part of my little history, that much like the songs I have written, these photographs have become the props around which my memories collect.”

I went to the Bleddyn Butcher exhibition A Little History: Nick Cave & Cohorts, 1981 – 2013 the other day. Short a sweet, but this quote on the wall – from Cave’s introduction to a book of Butcher’s photographs – put me in mind of (lovely lovely) Timo.

Timo’s Visual History of BERG album is properly brilliant, a really nice testament to the work of the company and its cohort over a decade.


More than I have done in ages I’m flip-flopping between DOCUMENT/KEEP/HOARD ALL THE THINGS! and LESS! – three house moves in a year and two months living out of a suitcase has me leaning on the latter.

Both photography collections were a good reminder that that’s a false binary for coded objects in near-infinite digital space. What’s shown can be edited, but you don’t have to throw away what’s hidden.