Culture about culture

Somewhat predictably, I loved 20,000 Days on Earth and The Possibilities Are Endless. Beautiful films that’ll be filed away under ‘music documentary’ when they do that brilliant thing of slipping between genres and moods marvellously.

I was thinking afterwards about the music reviews I used to write. I don’t think that I’d be able to stand doing that anymore. If I did then I don’t think my writing would involve much writing.

All the criticism I’ve really loved in the last couple of years has made an effort to make culture in, of and about culture. And that’s films like these, or Shut Up and Play The Hits, or From The Sea To The Land Beyond, or Patience (After Sebald), or the stand up tour John Peel’s Shed, or Paul Morley’s book Nothing, or Clipping Through, or or or… Poking at the things the makers love, they create something new.