Words and pictures and links and tags

This is really cute little comic. It works best when you look at it on Tumblr, because of the description Irma drops in underneath. That’s the thing about comics there, diary strips in particular; the metadata is as critical to your understanding of it as the comic itself. Sometimes it’s the hashtag, sometimes the link, sometimes the copy underneath… never just the strip itself.

It’s a weird, holistic experience. Often not a very portable one. It’s another new bit of comprehension comics on the web require.

(One of the many, many reasons I don’t like political cartoons is that the creators pretend that the context of the strip isn’t that important. That the artwork can stand alone. They are usually wrong about that; without the context of the paper their strips are often meaningless babble. I think Tom’s New Statesman stuff is a rare exception – there’s a magical realism thing going on in most strips that he explains as he goes.)