Class dismissed


This last year I’ve been making a podcast. It’s been a lot of fun. A pretty tight high-concept (lovey people review every episode of Community‘s second season) that basically acted as a McGuffin for a bunch of fabulous people to spend some time together.

The last episode just came out (scheduled posting willing) and I thought I’d type a bunch of things I’ve learned in case I do it again…

  1. Batches are good – we’d never, ever have managed to do this if we were trying to do an episode a week
  2. Talking is hard – recording in batches generally meant that we had lurches for the first episode where people got up to speed thinking aloud… It was a little weird… I don’t know how Ann gets past that doing One Life Left every week
  3. Publishing these things is harder than it should be – despite the maturity of the medium, it involves bumping up against a lot of unloved technologies
  4. Fewer voices in less time is better – too big a table and we all get lost (although the last two episodes are ace)
  5. It’s worth regimenting some of it – the more I listen actual, proper podcasts the more I hear the way they guide you through it (we had to record a special episode 0 because the cold start of episode 1 was AWFUL)
  6. It’s actually really easy to get a chunk of the way towards looking professional – I think we got about 75% of the way there… I imagine that last 25% is very, very hard to do
  7. I need to learn more about recording if I do this again – actually, I need to make that bit someone else’s problem

Anyway, I had a blast. I think Chrissy, Kieron, Ann and Tom did too. If you’ve got time in your life for more than ten hours of chat, check it out.