I’ll be writing about how the last month has been work-wise in a couple of days. This isn’t that. This is me writing overexcitedly “I got engaged! Holy shit! Ann and I are getting married! WTF!!!” but with a tiny bit more detail.


I’d been thinking about doing this for a while. Ann’s the best person I’ve ever met, she feels pretty similarly about me, and we’ve talked about “getting the government involved” a few times over the last year. In fact, she basically proposed during David and Becky’s wedding, but insisted something more romantic happen just for us at some point down the line. This was to be my responsibility.

The trigger, the ‘OMG I’m gonna propose soon ARRRGGG’ moment came watching her do the BAFTA game awards livestream. Something about seeing her look fabulous and professional and smart and totally owning her screentime just sort of clicked.


If you look closely, Ann’s wearing a necklace by Meshu I’d gotten her a couple of Christmases ago. Meshu’s ace, and personal, and… does rings.

So I popped our trips into the service and saw that basically our trips around the world make this lovely loop with a kinda/sorta diamond around the Nordic countries.


The where/when aspect sort of depending on delivery time. I imagined I either had to have the ring and blurt it out, or make it a bit more of ‘a thing’. It wound up being a bit of both, which is how I now understand these things go.

I remember it in adrenaline-tinged fragments. We were on a boat in the Skagerrak, somewhere between Oslo and Copenhagen (“‘Somewhere between Oslo and Copenhagen’ would be your dating profile” – Ann). It was after midnight. We were astoundingly drunk. Neither of us believed it was quite happening. Ann told me to ask again in the morning (and said ‘yes’, but I remember the other bit more vividly). Sunrise rolls around a few hours later, so I have another go. Engaged!

I feel like I should have some sort of conclusion, but there isn’t one yet. I’m just super-excited, and it’s not often I take time to type about things like this. It feels good.