A month of lining things up

Obviously the big news of the month was getting engaged, but work-wise it’s been interesting too…

New clients

I made a conscious choice not to pursue too many leads before proposing: I had exactly enough stuff in my head already.

The other side of that trip I’ve started chatting to more people again. Most were just good chats, but I’ve had a couple of really interesting projects spill out of them. One was a short-deadline speech that went down extremely well, the other a longer-form bit of a work I should be able to talk about next month.


Still a lovely team. Along with some more work for their site launch I helped Sarah out with her Blue Yard talk, an appeal to a bunch of decentralisation/encryption developers to think more about design. Sounds like it struck the right balance of provocation and encouragement.


I went away again. Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmo, Home. A lovely trip. I handled the anxiety of leaving work behind much better than when I went to Snowden. Also, it was my birthday. Good stuff!