A month by the river

Recovering from a heavy cold and an excellent holiday. The northern lights are insane, and Iceland is full of lovely people.


Doesn’t Ste look creepy in that photo?


I joined IF part time last month and it’s been great. Three projects – two we’ll be talking about soon, one building on the work I did for them earlier this year – each very different and asking new things of me.

On top of that I wrote a speech and started work for two new clients. That’s probably about my limit as far as context-shifting goes (six chunks of my brain spinning roughly in tandem) and it’s been good to see that and not add another job to my plate.

Some of that’s about taking time out. Holidays, and little moments.


It’s nice being back by the river. I moved to London twelve years ago and spent every day walking back and forth across Waterloo Bridge, from halls to seminars or work, and it’s nice having the Thames in the rhythm of a day again.