Stuff I liked in April

Lux Prima

Karen O & Dangermouse make something a bit trippy and chanteuse-y. A tip from Rachel at Juno.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

This passed me by first time round, but I watched it over a couple of nights in Oslo at the top of the month. It felt so dry and moody. I’d love to find more anthologies like it.

Buying a home

I love our house. It’s more than double the size of our old flat and we’ve got two toilets. It’s fabulous and I’m proud how homey we’ve made it already. I’m typing this at the kitchen table. Love it.


I loved each episode but thought the arc of the second series was a bit uneven. I reckon that’s on me: I’m now so used to the box-set slow pace of US TV dramas that I felt there were two or three whole seasons of Fleabag missing. Still, absolutely vicious stuff. Loved it.

Robyn at Ally Pally

Honey left me cold, but it works terrifically live. Also, great to be at the reunion of everyone who moved to London between 9/11 and the financial crash.

Peregrine near the office

At the end of a day I was heading from the office to the station and saw a few sparrows chasing something larger and sportier off from a rooftop.

The next day I took a punt on wandering at the foot of the church near Juno, and saw *something* preening feathers up at the top of the steeple. I waited fifteen minutes of so, eventually seeing it kicking off and jetting into the housing estate. In silhouette, all bullet and attitude, a peregrine. Beautiful.

Dawn chorus walk in Sydenham Hill Wood

Homecoming (the Beyonce one)

Obviously brilliant. Got the marching band version of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ in my head for a full week.

Lauren Laverne’s bank holiday Monday show

Lovely Mark works on the show, and every time I tune in I imagine he’s structured the playlist specifically to get me to dance in my kitchen. Reader: he succeeded.

Russell’s post about DJing

“The art elite of Oregon were peering at tiny scribbles and sculptural interventions and I was playing Transglobal Underground and Afro Celt Sound System.”

Making a delicious trays of canelés

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This remains one of the worst television shows I’ve ever seen and I will watch every last episode.


Fringe comedy at the Soho Theatre about Charly Clive’s brain tumour and the efforts of her friend Ellen Robertson to be there for her. Excited to see them do other stuff down the line.

Avengers: Endgame

I had low hopes for this. By this point, twenty-odd films in, there are so many characters and plot beats I don’t *really* care about, that the thought of three hours in that world was a bit daunting. It could certainly never be as good as Thor: Ragnarok.

It managed to be cathartic, entertaining, flawed and delightful. I even cried a couple of times. It managed all that while feeling like the most comic-book movie of the whole franchise… maybe even *because* of that. Very impressive. I don’t expect I’ll ever watch it again.