Stuff I liked in May


May is the best month. Like Alice says “The weather is picking up, there are two bank holidays, your garden plants are looking good.” Also, Ann and I’s birthdays are both in May AND it’s the month we met, so there’s plenty of opportunity to justify having a lovely time.

The best news? Only 11 more months until next May! Less than a year. Brilliant!


Warhammer Community publish two podcasts: Voxcast and Stormcast. The current runs are an oral history of Warhammer product development, blending new studio setups with historic ‘What was Blood Bowl v1 like to work on?’ chat. It’s been really insightful. Big fan.

Wales: Land of the Wild

Before Ann and I went on an adventure to Scotland we started watching the BBC natural history unit’s series about Wales. It was beautiful. Absolutely got us in a place where we wanted to explore more of the UK.

Ruby Tandoh’s article about Nigel Slater

“Nigel Slater doesn’t have the answers to the big questions. He doesn’t even have the answers to the medium-sized questions… But sometimes the small things are the ones that keep us going.”

Plants at home

Matt’s blog post about the New Forest

“all over this infinity of greens and browns and whites, a full half of my gaze, the bottom half is green, and the top half blue–the sky–and to notice that the world, the regular old world, is painted in primary colours, I lose my breath again”

Scotland adventure

Right, look, the thing is I had the very best of times in Scotland a couple of weeks back and frankly everything else in this post is filler.

Ann and I drove around the top of the country. The circuit is tricksy, astonishing driving, on roads that tumbled out of car ads. The drive from Ullapool to Torridon in particular was jaw-dropping. The weather was glorious – 6 of the 8 days were blazing sunshine. AND we timed it just before the midgies really came up (we started to see them on the penultimate night).

Wildlife highlight 1: having an eagle soar a few metres above the car. as we crested a hill in a loch/valley. As a stag surveyed us from a hilltop. While ‘The Cause of Labor is the Hope of The World’ rose to a crescendo. Exquisitely timed.

Wildlife highlight 2: Watching razorbills nesting (who captivated me more than puffins… probably because we went puffin watching before the majority of the colony arrived).

Food highlight 1: the cafe at Whalligoe Steps. So much better than it had any reason to be.

Food highlight 2: birthday dinner tasting menu at the Torridon. LUXE.

‘Being in the sea’ highlight 1: We swam three times, in lochs and bays. 45mins in the water at Oldshoremore was delightful.

‘Being in the sea’ highlight 2: Kayaking with a Scottish Captain Marvel. I had to go in a double with Ann because I was too tall for the singles. We made an excellent team!

I would go again in an instant.

Lizzo at Kentish Town Forum

She was great.


Mixed reviews this, but it came good in the back half of the season. Stand outs for me were Indya Moore and Billy Porter, who did so much heavy lifting, and landed some heartbreaking moments.

Like Fleabag, it’s another show that moved weirdly in time. Episodes seemed to skip days and months, while playing seconds out over minutes. I think that compression (‘just the main emotional beats please, no filler’) is a kind of storytelling I’m used to in films, but not in TV drama.

Don’t fear the griever

Andreea Tecusan and Helene Falstad are a couple of the students I kept in touch with from AHO. I’ve just read their diploma project, and I thought it was great. Speculative fictions about policies and technology to support people who are grieving, with some of the social backlash played out through Instagram stories. It felt thoughtful and open. Lovely stuff.